As used by drivers from around the globe, from top professionals to aspiring rookies.

Made from the highest quality Nomex the TA111 overall is one of the lightest and most breathable 3 layer FIA 8856-2000 approved suits on the market.

Each suit is designed in the UK by one of our team before being tailor made to measure at the FreeM HQ in Italy.

You can either download and fill in the customized measurement form below or contact us to arrange a meeting where we can take your measurements and discuss your requirements personally.

  • nomex_new_skyblue
  • nomex_new_yellow
  • new_nomax_acidgreen
  • new_nomax_black
  • new_nomax_bordeaux
  • new_nomax_carbon
  • new_nomax_flourescentred
  • new_nomax_flourescentyellow
  • Nomex_cream
  • new_nomax_gold
  • new_nomax_green
  • new_nomax_kawasakigreen
  • new_nomax_purple
  • new_nomax_pink
  • new_nomax_petronas
  • new_nomax_orange
  • new_nomax_navyblue
  • new_nomax_mediumgrey
  • new_nomax_lotusgreen
  • new_nomax_lightgreen
  • new_nomax_lightblue
  • new_nomax_lemonyellow
  • new_nomax_red
  • new_nomax_royalblue
  • new_nomax_silver
  • new_nomax_white


As part of our bespoke service we can offer a large selection of Nomex fabric colours (showcased on your left) as well as a vast range of suit pattern templates. In addition embroidered logos can be added using Nomex thread as well as fireproof printing.

Completely new and unique designs can be created on request.

  • TA111Detail1
  • TA111Detail2
  • ShoulderDetail-882×700
  • TA111Detail3
  • TA111Detail4
  • cuffs-new-882×700
  • measure

The TA111 suit can also be purchased in standard sizes, please contact either Tony or Aaron to discuss your requirements.